Pretty Loaded

Pretty Loaded is a museum of flash preloaders. Lots of cool design.

Amy Bennett

amy bennett

Oil paintings that look like pictures of miniature models. Check it.

Miran Kim

click above image to visit Miran Kim’s website.

Jason Chan

Jason Chan does some pretty wicked fantasy/sci-fi work in photoshop. (click above image for larger version)

Strange Buildings of the World

part 1 part 2

Stair Porn

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Threadless was so two years ago. Go check out It’s a community t-shirt site, complete with threadless like voting. A new t-shirt is printed every day, and these aren’t the cheesy designs you get from Threadless. Plus, these are t-shirts are nice and soft. I’ve got a couple of them already.

Ronald Kurniawan

click image to visit website

Sanzhi – Abandoned UFO Resort

From what I can gather online, this place was built in the 70s as a resort but was later abandoned.

flikr photo set
Google Maps arial view

Tokyo Fantasy

These photoshop created images depict a post apocalyptic Tokyo and bring the amazingly beautiful setting of I Am Legend to mind.