Strictly Coincidental

Picked up Pei Wei for lunch.
Stopped to help an old man.
Tried to jump start his truck.
Pushed his truck into a parking lot.
Finished my drive home.
Ate spicy shrimp with brown rice.
Watched twenty minutes of Helvetica.
Opened my fortune cookie.
Ate my fortune cookie.
Read my fortune.

“Your kindness is surely to be repaid.”

Patiently awaiting payment.
Contemplating a lottery ticket.
Realizing I’m already well compensated.

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Summer fun.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on Amazon
Phoenix on Myspace

My Demanding Readership


The Astounding World of the Future

Isn’t it great living in this technologically advanced age?

Hot Panda – Volcano…Bloody Volcano

This is good, fun music.
Go read about it elsewhere.
Go listen to it on myspace.

Insect Porn


Completely inappropriate, but if this fetish is for you, go see more.

Incredible Chairs


I'm a Winner


I take great satisfaction in being better than my fellow man, even in the most trivial things. Take, for instance, my drive home from the studio tonight. The gentleman cruising in the lane next to mine insisted on a pattern of hasty acceleration followed by last-second braking from one stoplight to the next. All the while, I maintained a casually consistent, well-timed cruising speed, allowing me to leap frog him at each intersection. With each pass, a feeling of victory grew inside of me.

Unrelated, enjoy this rough little jam from a Something Ridiculous practice session.

Rap Chop

This is amazing. My mind is blown. This may even hit heavy rotation soon.

San Remo P-Sole


Wish list… officially a new category on this website!