Joe Wilson Stole Your Newspaper

joe wilson - jackass

Joe Wilson is your preexisting condition.

Changes In the Works

This site is being moved to where I will continue to makeĀ  sporadic posts of little to no importance. This content is being duplicated over there already. So, go ahead and update your RSS feeds and daily browsing habits now. If all goes to plan, I’ll be changing the content of this site in the somewhat near future.

The Ridiculousness of Self Handicapping

Two men, ragged in appearance and traveling in wheelchairs, struggle up the gently sloped sidewalk towards the crosswalk on Riverside Drive, one man traveling behind the other. Minutes later, they reach the intersection of the sidewalk and the street and wait for an opening in the busy afternoon traffic before starting to cross the street. The front man, lacking the upper arm strength to make such a climb, begins to turn sideways on the upward ramp of the median. As cars start to back up waiting for the two to cross, the rear man assists the front by helping push the chair from behind.

Now at the peak of the median, the front man waits for an opening in traffic from the other direction. The rear man begins his attempt to muscle the wheelchair up the ramp as traffic continues to backup in the impeded lane. After several seconds of futile effort, the rear man stands up and waves both arms over his head in frustration. He steps up the curb onto the median and walks fifteen feet away from his wheelchair, throwing a fit the entire way. After leaning on a traffic sign post for a few seconds, the man regains his composure and returns to his wheelchair. Having given himself away, he pushes the wheelchair up the ramp from behind, leaving the seat unoccupied.

The rear man stands alone in wait as cars go flying past, his fellow traveler already having successfully crossed the second half of the street. Traffic begins to slowly pass in the once wheelchair-obstructed lane of traffic, and a car slows to a stop as it approaches the man, now quite skillfully standing, from behind. The driver, with his window down and a sheepish grin on his face, exchanges a few quick words with the man before snapping a photo of him with a mobile phone camera.

As the driver speeds off and traffic on Riverside returns to normal, the man makes his way across the street. The two men continue their journey, one man in his wheelchair and the other pushing his own, now-empty chair.

Cold Shoulder

When I stick my head in the fridge my bluetooth headphones lose their signal.

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

It still tastes like Fruity Pebbles!


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Apollo Moon Landing Broadcast

Jason Kottke put together a cool page for broadcasting the Apollo Moon landing. Its an embedded YouTube video set to start playing (via a javascript trigger) 40 years from the original broadcast (later today! July 20th). A cool concept with excellent execution. Check it out!


Infinitely more interesting than Twitter, PingWire lets you see pics being uploaded to Twitter in real time.

Fifteen Randoms

I saw one of those classic posts on the book of faces today: put your iPod on shuffle and list the first fifteen songs that play. Talk about presumptuous. I know they have a fairly large market share, but I’m still holding out on Apple products. More to the point, I was curious to see what would turn up if I shuffled the current musical contents of my hard drive and decided I should post the results here since I update so infrequently. I think the results are pretty indicative of my music listening habits: all over the place.

  • Stardeath and White Dwarf – Smoking Pot Makes Me Not Want to Kill Myself
  • St. Vincent – Black Rainbow
  • Battles – Race: In
  • Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love
  • Fabulous Diamonds – LP4
  • Iron & Wine – Homeward These Shoes
  • George Williams Aingo – Akiko Nu Bonto
  • Kings of Leon – Notion
  • Karl Blau – 2 Becomes 1
  • Dananananaykroyd – Infinity Milk
  • Murs – Me and This Jawn
  • Wild Beasts – Woeboegone Wanderers
  • Ladytron – Another Breakfast with You
  • Kings of Convenience – The Build-Up
  • Paul Desmond – Embarcadero (alternate take)

You Nailed It!


I really enjoyed this serious of photos featuring nails as people. You should, too.