Shame On [Company]

Lately I’ve been seeing groups of men standing around vinyl signs in various locations across Tulsa. The sign is always the same, reading “Shame On [company/organization]” in large red lettering and “Labor Dispute” in small black letters in all four corners of the sign. The sign is about 15 feet long and is stretched across PVC piping. I’m not sure if it’s the same men every time, but at the very least they must be working together. The signs are too similar for them not be somehow related. I’ve seen them at three different locations, each time shaming a different organization.

This makes me wonder (but not enough to stop and converse), is this some sort of scam these men are running? Perhaps they feel genuinely cheated by these companies, but if that’s the case, the sheer number of organizations which they are shaming makes me think that their work must be sub par at best.

Have you seen these signs around town? What’s the deal? Please enlighten me.

Thoughts… Questions

If I drank a Café Américano while wearing Crest White Stripes, which would win?

If I played your grandma in fantasy football would she beat me, too? Would she talk trash?

If I lived in a post apocalyptic world would I be as nice to other people as I am in Fallout 3?

Am I too old to play video games? If yes, you’re stupid head that’s stupid.

If I added nothing to this site for two weeks would you notice?

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I Also Do Magic Tricks

The best blog posts about me are the ones I don’t have to write.

The New Ride

I picked up this sexy little number this weekend.  Weather permitting, I plan on riding to and from the office. Today featured the first such commute, and I must say that its a grand journey. Just south of downtown, I cross a formidable hill which provides what is likely the best view of downtown Tulsa. One stretch of the ride takes me between an elevated highway ramp and an old cemetery bordered by a classic cast iron fence, with each no more than twenty feet on either side. And Mom, you’ll be happy to know that I barely even have to touch the city streets, as I take a newly built bike trail almost the entire trip. It’s a fantastic way to start the day… at least with our current weather.

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Skizzor Tees!

Okay kiddos. I previously mentioned having a t-shirt design in the works, and now its available for order online! Some of you might have seen these at the LFP grand opening party. For the rest of you, we have real live photos of the t-shirts resting on our coffee table! Amazing, I know. Check out the pics below… as you can see I went with a variety of colors for the men and only two colors for the women. Why? Because I’m sexist. Also, these aren’t available in bigger sizes. Why, because I want to encourage you to lose wait. Now, go out for a jog! … after you order a t-shirt (click the appropriate image below).

Also, Duane orchestrated a t-shirt design. You might as well order one of his designs, too! (men | women)

If you live in Tulsa, come visit us at LFP during the day time to save yourself from our astronomical shipping charges ($5).

Science, Please Save Us

Killface and Baby Lamont

Big news coming from NASA this week, as scientists are seemingly confident that the Phoenix Mars Lander discovered ice. Evidently, it melted after being exposed to the really cold conditions of the Mars atmosphere? Is that even possible?

My uneducated skepticism aside, this is pretty fantastic news for the longevity of our culture and general existence. Now when we are finished destroying the Earth or when Killface throws the switch on the Annihilatrix again and this time the couplings don’t melt, whichever catastrophic event comes first, we can just hit the button on the Salvationatrix and push Mars a bit closer to the Sun. Then a bit of science happens, and “BOOSH!“, we’ve got a fully functional planet.

What Does It All Mean, Bazzle?

This is not you.

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. I also recently revived this website. Coincidence? It’s hard to say really. One thing is certain. I’m getting older. But you’re no budding hibiscus yourself. You’re no baby sea turtle desperately seeking the shelter of the mysterious sea. You already stink of salty water, and unlike the baby sea turtle, you must realize that nothing can save you from your eventual doom. But that’s certainly no reason to give up. Really though, I’ve come to terms with getting older. It’s all a person can do really.

One thing I am concerned about is my (seemingly) sudden need for your attention. Why do I seek your spotlight? I can’t say with any degree of certainty. Perhaps it was my short lived celebrity status as music editor for Square Magazine. One taste of fame and I’m suddenly in buffet mode. I’m not talking about trips to the salad bar here. I want the good stuff.

Take this post, for example. I don’t really have anything to say. Yet, here I sit, pecking away, trying to entertain you. I’ll give up for now, and maybe something brilliant will strike tomorrow.

Breaking News

CNN is moronic.

I just got back from, and my mind is blown. This just in: opinions differ widely. The main headline on (U.S. Edition, of course) at this current moment: iReporters differ on same-sex marriages. No shit? Thank you, CNN, for really going after the news. Just so you know, you should be competing with the likes of Al Jazeera instead of Us Magazine. My dear readers, where do you go for your online news fix? i need to break my CNN habit.

Don't Call It a Comeback

David Blaine and his nasty prune hand

I had no idea you could hold your breath so long. You should consider a career in magic. You’d be battling it out with the likes of David Blaine and Kobe Bryant. That guy does some magically things with a basketball, not to mention his courtroom magic. What am I saying? Kobe’s no rapist. That girl knew what she was getting into when she went to his hotel room just like Rondo knows whats going to happen if he gets in Kobe’s path to the basket. Nuts on your chin! Go Lakers! Three in a row… please.

Also, if you are the young lady ‘victim’ or my mother, I apologize for my inappropriate commentary.