Fifteen Randoms

I saw one of those classic posts on the book of faces today: put your iPod on shuffle and list the first fifteen songs that play. Talk about presumptuous. I know they have a fairly large market share, but I’m still holding out on Apple products. More to the point, I was curious to see what would turn up if I shuffled the current musical contents of my hard drive and decided I should post the results here since I update so infrequently. I think the results are pretty indicative of my music listening habits: all over the place.

  • Stardeath and White Dwarf – Smoking Pot Makes Me Not Want to Kill Myself
  • St. Vincent – Black Rainbow
  • Battles – Race: In
  • Pink Mountaintops – Outside Love
  • Fabulous Diamonds – LP4
  • Iron & Wine – Homeward These Shoes
  • George Williams Aingo – Akiko Nu Bonto
  • Kings of Leon – Notion
  • Karl Blau – 2 Becomes 1
  • Dananananaykroyd – Infinity Milk
  • Murs – Me and This Jawn
  • Wild Beasts – Woeboegone Wanderers
  • Ladytron – Another Breakfast with You
  • Kings of Convenience – The Build-Up
  • Paul Desmond – Embarcadero (alternate take)

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