The Goodbye Wave

No economic system is perfect, and that includes our beloved capitalism. It’s full of inefficiencies and evils. Consider, if you will, the wave of layoffs sweeping our great nation. Firing people has become the latest corporate trend, and even companies that are still making profits are jumping on the layoff bandwagon.

Take Starbucks for example, where quarterly profits are down an astounding 69%. Its no surprise that less people are willing to fork over five bones for a large (sorry, venti) latte when so many people are being fired. Yes, a 69% decrease is horribly startling, but it is still a profit, right?

This trend is a tidal wave. Continued layoffs means there is less income (especially disposable income) to be spent. Less money to be spent means lower profits, which in turn results in more layoffs. How do we reverse this horrible tide? We’ve got to slow it down first, and companies that are still head and shoulders above water should not be contributing to the problem. On the contrary, such companies should be helping us get to shore, or at the very least, stay afloat. Unfortunately, the concept of profit maximization is driving the boat, and I fear that the boat is being driven straight into the oncoming wave.

If your all wet with metaphor you can find a clean towel in the hall closet.

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