The Elevator Scene

A young man wearing slacks and a tie walks into the elevator with myself and the puppy. He kneels down to play with the puppy. He halfway stands up after a few seconds, bending over at the waist to play with the puppy.

Me: “Watch your tie. She’ll try to get it.”

Young man waves end of tie in puppy’s face.

Puppy jumps up and tears the tie.


At the Office


Keep your eyes peeled. Great things from phrough may arrive soon.

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

If you’ve possibly managed to have not heard of the new Gorillaz album, you should know that it officially releases on Wednesday (March 17th), though legitimate streaming previews have been available online for a couple of weeks now. With summer fast approaching, you don’t want to be caught without a copy of this in your car. Go order it from right now.

Bonobo – Black Sands

Strike up the fireplace and vacuum the bear skin rug, because Bonobo puts out.. some of the sexiest music you’ll ever hear.

iPad, iPod, iPayTooMuchForDigital


Look, I get it. I really do. Apple makes very attractive looking products that are generally reliable and easy to use. I see the appeal, but don’t be such a fanboy and jump on every hyped-up product thrown your way.

Just like the $1 songs already available on iTunes and other sources, if you pay $15 for a digital copy of a book, it should come with a complimentary punch in the face. Stop paying the same price for digital versions as you would for tangible products. You can own a real book, made with precious trees and ink, for that price. Production and distribution costs are almost nonexistent with digital distribution models. Digital should cost significantly less for the end consumer! If everyone stops over paying for digital products the prices will come down.

Your Dad’s Shaving Cream


I’m about to share one of the greatest pieces of knowledge I’ve gained in my thirty years on this earth. Your dad’s shaving cream is far superior to that gel crap you’ve been using for years now. A single can costs a third of the price, lasts twice as long, and doesn’t ooze for three hours after you use it. Stop buying into the gimmicky space age shaving gel racket. I think I’ll try an old school razor next and get rid of this five bladed vibrating abomination.

Dear Tulsa,

I think we both know this isn’t going anywhere, and it’s time to go our separate ways. On second thought, you can stay here. After all,  you lived here before we had met. I’m taking the car though. I hope you understand.

Don’t get me wrong. It was fun for a while. We had some good times that I’ll never forget and plenty that I will, but I’m ready to start a new chapter of my life. Sure, some of the characters are the same, but I think Dallas and I have a real chance this time. I mean, we never got that close on our last go round, and I accept the blame for that. I was always on the outside of the relationship.  Living in the suburbs the entire time practically made it a distance relationship.

Oh, of course, you don’t want to hear about that though. I understand. Look, I’m sure you’ll be fine. You’ll have somebody new moved into this apartment in no time at all. He’ll be dining in all  five of your favorite restaurants. Going to all the bars and clubs you love so much. You’ll forget all about me, I’m sure.

Here’s the thing… your small town charm…. it was cute at first. But frankly, it got old. Listen, you’re still young. You’ve got plenty of growing up to do, and I know that eventually you will do just that. But I’m not interested in waiting around for that to happen. You’ll be better off with someone else anyway.

It’s not you. It’s me. I need to start thinking about my future and putting myself in a better position in the event that I want or need to start a career or something along those lines. With that in mind, I’m moving to Dallas where I can maintain my standard of living and still live in the middle of the action.

I hope we can still be friends. Keep in touch, you know I’m bad at that.

Best Wishes,

Arial Vs. Helvetica

Arial vs Helvetica

The Homeless World Cup

homeless world cup

Bringing the world new applications of the word ‘foul’ as it applies to a football match. Check it.

Kitty City

kitty city

Check out Tim Barber’s Kitty City!